Kabukalli Hardwood Lumber



Wood Appearance - The heartwood is light reddish-brown and of plain appearance, darkening on exposure. The sapwood is a distinct thick brownish or pinkish color, and sharply demarcated. Grain is straight, sometimes interlocked and texture is medium to coarse. The freshly cut timber has a very pungent scent which disappears as the wood dries fully.


Physical Properties - Kabukalli is hard and moderately heavy, of medium and dimensional stability, and of satisfactory mechanical strength. Kabukalli is stronger that European oak.


Natural Durability - Kabukalli has a good durability. It withstands both insect and fungal attack, even under unfavorable conditions or use.


Working/Machining - Generally satisfactory in sawing. Has a moderate blunting effect on cutting edges. Smooth surfaces are obtained in sawing, boring, and turning, but it is difficult to plane, especially cross-grained material.


Assembly - Kabukalli glues and takes nails well.


Finishing - Works easily to finish smoothly. Stains and polishes satisfactorily when filled.


Uses - Kabukalli is a hard, strong, and tough wood. It is considered a good wood for durable heavy building construction, marine construction (in areas not contaminated with teredo), land communications materials, agricultural and industrial uses, and joinery and furniture.


Availability - Available in large quantities from Guyana to meet all likely requirements.


Warehouse Contacts:


Guyana - 011-592-661-3019

Barbados - seignet@golden.net

Duncan, South Carolina, USA - seignet@golden.net

Waterloo, Ontario, Canada - 1-519-574-0038