Greenheart Hardwood Lumber



Wood Appearance - Greenheart is light greenish to dark olive green, sometimes marked with brown or black streaks. Sapwood is pale yellow in color, shading gradually into heartwood. The texture is fine and even and grain straight or interlocked.


Physical Properties - The strength properties of Demerara Greenheart are exceptionally high, even for a wood of its great density. It is considered one of the strongest woods in the American tropics. In general the timber is exceptionally hard, heavy, tough, strong and elastic.


Natural Durability - The heartwood is almost immune to decay, fungi and termites; very highly resistant to marine borers and organisms; and has a high resistance to fire. Greenheart also has very good weathering characteristics and excellent wearability under heavy use.


Timber Processing - Greenheart is moderately difficult to air-season and somewhat more difficult to kiln-dry. The timber air-dries slowly with a marked tendency to check and with some end splitting.


Working/Machining - Greenheart is easily sawn, in spite of a slight blunting effect and turns well. Planing is not difficult despite the high density of the wood and interlocked grain. 


Preservation - Greenheart’s natural durability nearly eliminates the need for preservative treatments. Only slight end penetration and virtually no lateral penetration is achieved by either open-tank or pressure treatment. 


Assembly - Gluing gives fairly good results. Pre-boring is recommended for a good nail and screw holding.


Finishing - Finishes to a fine smooth lustrous surface and will also take a high finish with wax, oil, or French polish without the need of a filler. Staining is rarely necessary.


Uses - General Construction: flooring, handrails, joinery in both interior and exterior situations, crane mats, railroad crossties/sleepers - Marine Construction: piling, piers, lock gates, docks, braces, decking, bridges, groins, jetties, revetments, fenders, shipping platforms, ship construction, wharves, and harbor works. 


Availability - Found in commercial quantities only in Guyana’s forest. Regular and large supplies are readily available.


Warehouse Contacts:


Guyana - 011-592-661-3019

Barbados -

Duncan, South Carolina, USA -

Waterloo, Ontario, Canada - 1-519-574-0038