Jatoba Hardwood Lumber



Wood Appearance - This wood is extremely hard and dense. It is an attractive honey-blond color with light- to dark-brown heartwood. It often appears with dark reddish- brown streaks and a warm golden glow, which weathers to a silver-gray with time and exposure.


Physical Properties - An increasingly rare wood, Jabota is outstanding in most of its strength properties and offers very high durability with excellent resistant to attack by marine borers.


Natural Durability - Naturally immune to decay and termites, highly resistant to marine organisms and fire, does not require preservative treatment.


Working/Machining - Moderately difficult to work but finishes smoothly. Planes and turns without difficulty, despite the high density of the wood


Assembly - Easy gluing. Pre-boring is recommended for nails and screws


Finishing - Finishes smoothly. Polishes and varnishes without difficulty


Uses - Most used and recognized as a superior flooring and roofing hardwood. Due to the decorative appearance, it is suitable for the manufacture of high grade furniture, cabinetry, decorative joinery and veneer. Also used for ship-building and general construction.


Availability - Occurs in Guyana forest. Regular supplies are available.


Warehouse Contacts:


Guyana - 011-592-661-3019

Barbados - seignet@golden.net

Duncan, South Carolina, USA - seignet@golden.net

Waterloo, Ontario, Canada - 1-519-574-0038